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Select a subject that interests you. Then choose on “booklets and essays” for written material. Choose “recorded talks” for audio lectures and meditations.

Benedictine Spirituality

Living by the values of the Rule of Benedict

Biblical Study and Meditation

Listening to the Bible in context and in prayer

Books Written by David Keller

Books published by website author

Celtic Spirituality

The Celtic Way of Prayer in daily life

Christian mentors and saints

The lives and writing of Christian leaders


Making Christ tangible in your daily life

Contemplative Prayer

The Christian practice of silent prayer

Dancing with God

Embodying God’s presence in how you live

Desert Spirituality

Wisdom from Christian desert Mothers and Fathers

Ecology of Soul

Caring for your life with God

Following Jesus Today

Living in modern Christian faith communities

Home Retreats

Spiritual reflection at home

Jesus and the Reign of God

Jesus’ passion for living as God desires us to live

Jesus’ encounters with people

The variety of Jesus’ interactions with people

Jesus’ life of prayer

Four patterns in Jesus daily prayer

Jesus the Jew

Jesus’ Jewish life in the first century

Learning to pray

Simple patterns for personal prayer

Monastic life for everyone

Learning the values of living in human communities

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